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Custom Food Packaging

The Packaging Base is the best custom food packaging manufacturer in the USA. We make fine-quality personalized food packaging and boxes that no one can beat in the market. We are offering an array of unique designs, shapes, styles, fonts, and color schemes to cater customers to go food box requirements.

Excellence in Every Custom Food Box

Getting perfection in custom printed food packaging is of high importance. Your all food needs to remain fresh throughout the shipping process. We are committed to delivering quality and sustainable packaging, along with innovative designs. This excellent feature of food packaging boxes sets us apart. Get a quick quote now!

custom printed food packaging

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Inspire the Buyers with Quality Food Packaging Boxes

Food is a basic need, and this is an ever-growing industry. So, everyone wants to have the perfect solution for their edibles. In this regard, packaging plays a key role in maintaining the freshness and quality of the food. 

According to the mordorintelligence: “The Food Packaging Market size is estimated at USD 367.04 billion in 2024, and is expected to reach USD 450.01 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 4.16% during the forecast period (2024-2029).”

If you are among those who are running a food business, then you know how important packaging is for your food brand. Our attractive packaging solutions give your buyers a chance to choose you for their next purchase. Therefore, contact The Packaging Base, a reliable packaging partner in the US for your all-in-one personalized meal packaging. 

“Pack your delicious edibles in our custom food packaging boxes.”

A well-looking box with vibrant colors entices the buyers immediately. Your patron’s first impressions are of high importance; make it memorable with us, and don’t ruin it.

Environmental-Friendly Packaging for Your Food Brand

We understand the current marketing trends and follow them by offering food boxes and packaging that are pollutant-free. We use biodegradable materials for custom frozen food boxes, street food packaging, and takeaway boxes. Some of our eco-friendly materials are:

  • Corrugated
  • Kraft
  • Rigid
  • Cardboard

These incredible materials allow you to present your brand effectively giving you better growth opportunities.

Enhance Your Consumer’s Trust and Loyalty with TPB

Brands only appreciate when they get quality, value, and something extra from any food packaging company. Make your consumers happy by going the extra mile in your food packaging with TPB. Our custom packaging solution with unique features gives consumers an unforgettable experience that helps in convincing them in their next purchase.

Enjoy Unlimited Customization Services

Bespoke packaging shows your brand, and how much you are concerned about the end users. By keeping all the facts in mind and the latest trends in the food industry, we offer unlimited personalization opportunities. We offer a wide variety of boxes for food items. Some of our special offerings include: Chinese take out boxes, custom hot dog boxes, custom chocolate boxes, custom bakery boxes, custom cake boxes, custom coffee boxes, custom pizza boxes, custom frozen food boxes, and custom fries boxes.

Our boxes are not only containers that are used to pack the edibles,; they represent your brand. Our experienced team uses peculiar fonts, marvelous color schemes, typography, inserts, and finishing on custom food packaging boxes.

We also personalize food bags packaging for your takeouts by using high-quality printing. Some of our special printing choices are:

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • Screen printing

We are offering custom choices to small business food packaging, and providing it at an affordable price. Additionally, we are also assisting established brands in upgrading their brand image. These personalized choices grab the customer’s attention instantly and make them loyal.  

Enjoy Long-Term Benefits with TPB Food Packaging Suppliers

Everyone in the food industry wants to see the long-term benefits of their brand. However, it is only possible by partnering with a loyal and trustworthy brand. As there are many food service packaging manufacturers available in the packaging industry, finding the perfect one could be a little bit challenging.

The Packaging Base is among the best brands that manufacture custom packaging with quality materials. Here are some of the benefits that your food brand can avail from us:

Professional Look of the Products

Every food box deserves packaging that stands high on the store shelf or an e-commerce store. We can craft a window on the food box for a little charming glance. It gives an attractive and professional look to all the high-end products.

An Increased Awareness of the Brands

Having custom food bags with logo and custom food boxes with logos makes your brand recognizable among the crowd. The more the consumers see your prominent logo, the more chances they will remember your brand and products.   

Strong Advertising Tool

We are the best wholesale food packaging suppliers that make personalized boxes that work as a strong marketing tool. These assist the brands in getting high visibility in the competitive market and drive maximum end-user engagement.

Why Should You Trust Us? 

We are your top-tier custom to go boxes solution for custom food packaging. Our experienced team works with full dedication and crafts high-quality personalized packaging to meet the requirements of the brands. Trust us for your exceptional food product packaging! We are offering:    

  • Market competitive pricing
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Free delivery at your location
  • Free custom design support 
  • Best discounts on bulk orders 
  • Quick and reliable turnaround times
  • 24/7 availability of customer support
  • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction

For further information call us at +1-818 334-6564 or drop an email at:

Guaranteed Food Packaging Protection

When anyone thinks about food, the first thing that comes to mind is the taste and freshness of the food, which should be well maintained. By going through all these facts, we offer quality in each food take out boxes that can make your packaging durable and maintain the freshness of the meal for a long time. Our eco-friendly materials 100% guarantee the optimal safety of custom delivery boxes.

Enjoy our top-notch bespoke food packaging services from manufacturing to the handling of the box and skyrocket your brand. Get peace of mind on every single order!

custom delivery boxes for food
personalized fast food takeaway boxes

Enhance Your Brand Growth and Sales

Whether you are running a physical restaurant, cafe, or providing online food delivery services, you need a well-designed and sturdy box. A box that has the capability to keep food safe. In such business models, our marvelously crafted custom food packaging boxes preserve your meal from getting spoiled.  

Incredible food packaging serves as the all-in-one solution that solves many user concerns; including meal freshness, making patrons happy, brand recognition, retaining the old clients, getting new ones, and increasing sales. We give equal value to all customers, whether they are startups or established businesses. 


Ultimate Packaging Solution for All Food Brands

No matter whether you are a new or an established business, or you have a small budget or don’t know where to invest, The Packaging Base offers all custom food boxes solutions that perfectly match your business needs. Give your delicious meal the ideal packaging partner that it deserves!

economical solution

Economical Solution

Every food brand searches for reliable food packaging manufacturers that give them affordable packaging. We are among the top-notch brands in the US that personalize food boxes packaging at an economical price.
convenient features addition

Convenient Features Addition

We are committed to giving ease to the patrons. Some of the convenient features we add to the food product packaging include; resealable closures, handles, easy-to-open mechanisms, personalized inserts, and more.
transparency in food packaging

Transparency in Food Packaging

End-users love to have, and value food shipping boxes that are transparent. Clear and concise labeling on custom takeout boxes, like product details and safety information, enhances the trust of consumers and assists them in their buying decisions.
innovative food packaging

Innovative Food Packaging

Our intelligent and skilled team introduces innovative technologies and incorporates them into food packaging, such as using biodegradable materials and QR codes. These help in reducing the environmental impact and give useful information to the buyers.
food freshness preserved

Food Freshness Preservation

We are committed to delivering high-class packaging for food which helps in maintaining the taste, freshness, and nutritional value of food which is among our paramount goals. Proper storage and temperature control features extend the shelf life of the food.
flexibility to choose size and style

Flexibility in Size and Style

You just imagine and we bring the custom box for you. We work beyond all your requirements and make astounding boxes for packing food that speak themselves. We offer a wide range of options to choose from according to your type of food brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) at The Packaging Base is as low as 100 custom boxes.

We use environmentally friendly materials such as kraft, rigid, cardboard, and corrugated. These are durable and biodegradable materials that protect the food from getting contaminated and retain freshness.

Every food item needs proper packaging whether it is placed on a shelf or shipped. Most common industries may include meals delivery, cakes, pastries, brownies, jam, honey, takeouts, cereals, etc.

Yes, our custom restaurant packaging is made with robust materials that protect the food from external factors during the delivery process.

Yes, we craft delivery boxes for food with environmentally friendly materials.