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Eco Friendly Packaging

Our sustainable packaging products are made up of 100% eco friendly materials. We offer a wide range of high-quality eco friendly materials such as; corrugated, cardboard, kraft, and rigid which are precisely tailored to meet perfection. Get eco friendly packaging today!

Choose the Path of Success

In comparison to other environmentally harmful materials like plastic, our recyclable packaging materials protect the environment and reduce carbon footprints. We lead your brands toward success with our eco-friendly approach. Thus, green packaging is the smart choice for all brands. Get a quick quote today!

green recyclable packaging

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Get Excellent Eco Friendly Product Packaging From TPB

In today’s times, it is important for all brands to adopt eco-friendly packaging solutions. It is the major need of the current industry. However, to cater that need, there is a need for eco-conscious manufacturing partners. 

In light of this validation: “The Sustainable Packaging Market size is estimated at USD 292.71 billion in 2024, and is expected to reach USD 423.56 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 7.67% during the forecast period (2024-2029).”

If you are among those who wish to join hands with a sustainable packaging company, The Packaging Base will surely be the best match. We are committed to offering you biodegradable packaging which is a perfect fit for the environment. Be a part of a green environment today!

This is an effective way to decrease the carbon footprint. We offer a wide range of eco friendly wholesale products with amazing quality. Eco friendly packaging has the following features:

  • Easy to recycle
  • Easily biodegradable
  • Does not harm the environment
  • Manufacture from recyclable materials 

“Start Your Eco Friendly Packaging Journey With Us!”

Whether you want to display your items, ship gift boxes, pack cosmetic or food products etc, get your ideal packaging today! Personalizing perfect and incredible custom boxes for you is a happiness for us!

Materials for Sustainable Packaging Boxes

Many brands are introducing and practicing sustainable packaging solutions these days. We are a sustainable packaging company that has been working in the packaging market for 25+ years. We aim to deliver sustainable earth friendly packaging made of high-quality materials. Here is the breakdown of the materials we use:

  • Kraft 
  • Corrugated
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid

All these materials are organic, sustainable, and reusable. We are offering all these materials at an affordable price. Now it’s your decision which material packaging you want to have for your food, apparel, gift, cosmetics, etc. We will bring the best for you!   

Strengthen Your Brand with Different Styles

The eye-catching styles of the eco-friendly packaging box play an important role in making a strong impact brand. Every peculiar design sets a high standard and leaves a long-lasting impression on the customer’s memory. We add uniqueness to each box style that increases the appearance of the products. Some of our unique styles include:

Custom Display Box 

If you want to do physical marketing of your brand and products, custom display boxes are the ideal choice. This is an ultimate packaging solution that is specially designed to increase the visibility of high-end products on store shelves. In addition, a logo on the box highlights your brand image. 

Custom Window Box

Window cut-out is a special feature that enhances the beauty of packaging. Our expert designer team specially customizes different shapes of windows e.g., square, oval, and circle etc  turning them into your prime choice.  

Custom Gable Box 

These boxes come with handles similar to McDonald’s Happy Meal box handles. They give the facility to buyers to carry takeaways easily. We customize gift boxes and food boxes with marvelous handles. These handles look decent and customers feel happy having them.

These are some styles, if you want to see more amazing styles, visit Get a wide variety of amazing styles under one roof!

Exceptional Features – Incredible Selection for You

We make your eco friendly packaging by using high-class printing, like digital, offset, and silkscreen. We use CMYK and PMS techniques for printing. Our talented team uses coating and foiling that increases the appearance of your box.

Apart from the above features, we also offer some fantastic add-ons including:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Die-Cutting
  • Spot UV
  • Spot Gloss
  • Hot Stamping
  • Window cutouts

We can add a window of unique style and design like oval, rectangle, and heart, or more as per your demand. It gives a unique glance to the beautiful product inside. Your box will emerge on the shelf when you go with the raised ink. You can choose the color of your box according to your brand and products. 

Additionally, some extraordinary additions like ribbons and bows give an attractive look to the eco friendly product packaging. Additionally, we also make sure that the surface of the box is smooth and gives a pleasant feel. 

Why The Packaging Base?

When there are already many brands in the industry, then why choose The Packaging Base? There are many reasons that make us unique from others. We take pride in working with any brand size and personalize amazing packaging for them. We offer a wide range of services without neglecting the quality. 

Our prices are reasonable and we offer exclusive discounts on bulk orders. Our staff is well-trained and uses the latest trends and technologies in eco friendly packaging for all products. 

We uphold minimum order quantities (MOQs) as low as 100 boxes. Moreover, our delivery of environmentally friendly boxes is free of cost in the United States. You can get an immediate quote for your eco packaging. Last but not least, our reliable custom support is available 24/7. For further details, reach out to us at +1-818 334-6564,, or our 24/7 customer support via chat.

Avail Green Packaging in Bulk

We are offering discounts on bulk orders to all the brands whether food, apparel, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages, or others. It is a great opportunity for retailers to buy sustainable product packaging at wholesale rates, earning more sales and fame among the pool of competitors. 

Along with this, we are committed to making eco friendly packaging that fulfills the requirements of protecting the planet. It gives numerous advantages to both the brands and customers. Experience our sustainable wholesale eco friendly products packaging with the best quality. Buy green shipping boxes at wholesale rates from us by getting a quick quote today!

wholesale sustainable product packaging
eco friendly gift box packaging

Make Every Occasion Memorable

Everyone wants to have a perfect eco friendly box that makes their loved ones happy and surprised. Our beautiful eco friendly gift box makes every occasion special and increases the charm. So, make your events magnificent and memorable with our sustainable gift packaging. 

We precisely personalize each box by using the latest technologies. Our printing and coating services will leave you amazed, which gives a classy and premium look to the box. Additionally, it amplifies the brilliance of the gifts. Apart from the above, you can reuse these eco friendly gift boxes multiple times. 

Choose TPB for Biodegradable Packaging Solution

Looking for sustainable packaging companies? TPB is included among the best manufacturers that produce eco friendly shipping boxes made from biodegradable materials. We customize the perfect eco box for you. Get it now! 

reusable packaging

Reusable Packaging

Eco friendly packing materials such as kraft, cardboard, and corrugated are used to personalize the boxes that can be reused easily. These custom boxes are durable and sturdy. It encourages sustainability goals, protects the environment, and minimizes waste.
diverse design facility

Diverse Design Facility

TPB has a vast collection of pre-designed shapes so you can choose a perfect one for your recycled packaging boxes. We can also customize each design according to your desired demands. Each custom design element shows our creativity.
commitment to quality

Commitment To Quality

We personalize sustainable shipping packaging with full attention to detail by using sustainable materials. After manufacturing, our eco friendly boxes are tested in-house to check the quality. If you get any defective pieces, we will accommodate you.
distinctive customization

Distinctive Customization

Your unlimited customization needs end at The Packaging Base. Our expert team with a vast experience in customization makes pretty eco friendly packaging. We personalize everything with commitment and devotion to cater all your packaging needs.
efficient customer aid

Efficient Customer Aid

We have an efficient customer support team that is available 24/7 to answer all your queries, till your satisfaction! Our effective communication and quick response time foster our customer’s loyalty and build good relationships. We value our client’s time and money!
environmental impact

Environmental Impact

We understand how important it is to save the environment, hence devoted to serve our customers with the best eco friendly packaging. Our biodegradable boxes protect the planet from harmful environmental impact and make sure to deliver eco packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, both corrugated boxes and rigid boxes are recyclable.

Yes, it attracts the customers who focus on the eco packaging solutions. According to Accenture’s survey: 83% of users believe that businesses must manufacture packaging that is eco-friendly.

Yes, eco friendly shipping boxes are the perfect choice to increase sales.

Yes, as time passes the demand for eco friendly boxes is increasing.

Environmentally friendly packaging helps brands in their growth by offering sustainable materials. These materials decrease carbon footprint and increase consumer trust.

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