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Custom Brochure Printing

In this fast-paced world, advertisement is necessary. The best way to advertise your business is going with custom brochure printing. Your brochure needs to be more unique and sophisticated. TPB is the best brochure printing company in the United States that offers you the best price brochure printing services.

Grab a Large Audience with Our Custom Brochures Printing

Make your custom printing brochures look different from the rest of the industry with The Packaging Base. Our expert team enhances the beauty of the brochures with high-class printing like digital and offset printing. We use vibrant colors that make the brochures appealing to the receivers at the first instant. In this way, you can grab the attention of a large crowd. For more engagement, request a quick quote today! 

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Get High-Quality Custom Brochure Printing from TPB

A custom brochure is a folded paper, which can be a single page or consist of multiple pages. It is specially designed to promote the services and products of any company. It serves a dual purpose from advertising the brand to getting sales.

“Brochure – Where words meet with styles to tell the brand story.”

It can be folded into many parts so that they can cover more information. Full color brochures have the ability to capture the attention of the targeted audience. So, if you are among those who want to get business brochure printing then order today from The Packaging Base.

When Best to Utilize a Brochure?

Whether you are running a small business or the owner of a larger business. The brochure can promote and advertise your brand very well. We customize every type of style, design, and size of custom brochure for your different businesses. 

This is the most effective way to tell about company information, products, and services in a concise manner. We personalize high-quality brochures from art paper and kraft paper. These are eco-friendly materials that do not harm the environment. So, fulfill all your industry’s brochure desires here!  

Healthcare Center 

In healthcare centers, brochures can be used to tell the services and doctors’ timings. Additionally, it is more effective for the patient to know about the health concerns.  

Personal Care Center

It is the best approach for personal care centers, for example, salons and spas to use. They can tell about their services or packages, timings, location, or more.  

Travel Agencies

Travel agencies use it to talk about destinations, timings, and discounted vacation packages. Our expert design team crafts custom printing brochures that inspire tourists to help them decide on their next trip. 

Retail Industry

Retailers can use it to tell about their special offers, discounts, seasonal offers, shop opening timings, contact details, and new products. Our expert team personalizes all these elements of the retail industry carefully.  

Real Estate 

Real estate can take more benefit from commercial real estate brochure. These can be used to market properties and get sales. We personalize your brand real estate brochure with peculiar features like property, location, amenities, and size. This printed information can serve as the best marketing tool and helps the buyers to think about the purchase. 


Banks can give information on the brochures about loans, educate customers about financial services, and offer money-related services. 

Food Sectors

Restaurants can ask for brochures that attract food lovers and make them their permanent clients. We have a talented design team with decades of experience in designing. They can customize brochures with vibrant colors that resonate with your brand image. Moreover, we add necessary details on the menu related to the company, so customers remember them for a longer time.  

Various Types of Brochures at TPB

It can be a tricky task to select the right fold. Properly selected fold delivers the message clearly and engages the customers to purchase from you. We are offering some of these important fold choices including bi fold brochure, trifold brochures, z fold brochure, half fold brochure, half fold, gate fold, and accordion folds. Each of these has its unique specifications and appearance. We assure you that our each fold style can fit your brand easily. Get join with The Packaging Base for marvelous brochure design services!

Standard Brochure Sizes

Suppose you are new to the industry and don’t have any idea about brochure paper size. Or searching for a partner that guides you well and suits your brand. We have got you covered by providing a list of standard custom size brochure printing. It will let you know how big or small your brochure is. Must remember an important point in mind that these measurements show the paper’s actual size before going to the folding process. 

  • 8.5” x 11”  
  • 8.5.” x 14” 
  • 8” x 9”
  • 5.5” x 8.5”
  • 9” x 12”
  • 11” x 17” 
  • 11” x 25.5”

These are standard sizes, we can also make other custom sizes as per your demand. 

Some Amazing Tips For Making Custom Brochures

Our expert team focuses on every little detail while designing custom brochure printing. We make challenging brochures that create a difference from others. 

Text Alignment

  • Use shorter paragraph
  • Make design easier to read
  • Use proper typography
  • Break the longer paragraph
  • Proper alignment of image and text 
  • Proper spacing throughout the design
  • Use bullets for an eye-catchy look
  • Do not forget to leave white space


  • Easy-to-read fonts
  • Bold the specific letters
  • Use of italic letters 
  • Bigger text size for heading
  • Smaller text for the body
  • Limited font selections
  • The sleek look of the brochures

The Packaging Base – A Smart Choice  

We are your ultimate packaging partner that is devoted to making custom boxes with kraft, rigid, corrugated, and cardboard. Additionally, we offer other services like custom brochure printing that does your brand’s marketing. Avail affordable brochure printing and custom box services from us today with great quality. See the difference with TPB and shine in the world!!! 

Experience the Cheapest Brochure Printing

It is mostly seen that smaller businesses do not have enough budget for marketing their brand. They strive to sustain themselves in the market with a shorter budget. Sometimes, there may be a chance they can sustain along but also a risk of failure. Your marketing solution lies in the cheapest brochure printing.

We are the best place to print brochures that are perfect for cost-effective marketing. Our talented designers make quality brochures such as menu brochure, cleaning company brochure, wedding brochures, and real estate brochures that cater to your various needs. Get an instant quotation today for your custom brochure!

cheapest brochure printing services

Generate Maximum Sales of Your Brand

Every brand aims to get high sales. It is only possible when you captivate the audience and turn them into loyal clients. So, the key is to present well and make more. You can make your brand more successful and recognizable in the industry by getting our high-quality services on custom printed flyers, pamphlets, and custom brochure printing. 

Our devoted team with vast experience crafts eye-catching custom brochure printing. Your branding elements depict your brand image and goal and how much value you are giving to the customers. We are committed to making innovative brochures that generate maximum sales. Moreover, it establishes a strong connection with the audience

Partner with TPB For Custom Brochure Printing

Collaborate with us, we bring your visions into reality. We personalized magnificent cheap brochure printing that will outshine your brand. Our custom printed brochures are well-designed, innovative, and give an unforgettable experience to the readers.

commitment to privacy icon

Commitment to Privacy

Your brand’s data security and privacy are our prime priorities. We never compromise on it in any case. We are committed to protecting all your personal data and documents. For the ultimate confidentiality experience, trust in our services.

Budget-Friendly Prices

Never sacrifice quality just for the sake of saving a little budget. Get affordable prices that suit your budget from us. We offer you the perfect combination of quality and affordability on our wide offerings of custom printed brochures.
avoid design complexity icon

Avoid Design Complexity

Most of the time complex designs do not attract customers, they are not able to read the detailed information. To provide facilities to the end users, we focus on clear branding, minimalist designs, and concise information.

Strategic Placement

Just contact our expert team, give your company details, and tell them your specific requirements for cheap brochure printing. Our team critically analyzes every detail and wisely places information from the brand logo to the body text.
focus on the headline icon

Focus on Headline

We know how important a headline is. We precisely make a compelling headline that gives the users an instant click about your brand. A well-crafted headline engages the readers to explore more. Captivate the audience with an effective headline!
add call-to-action icon

Add Call-to-Action

Brochures without CTAs are nothing. Your customers will come towards your brand when they have clearly seen CTAs. We add call-to-action in the custom printed brochure. So, that readers know about your brand and avail services from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are offering all custom sizes and shapes of brochures.

Basically it is used for the advertisement of business products and services.

Yes, we offer die cut brochures in any shape, style, or size.

It depends on the customers how much information they want to display on their custom brochures. Generally, the company’s motto, goal, products, and services are mentioned.

Mostly 70% of the consumers remember the things when they see them in printed form. In this respect, custom brochures are the way to use it for marketing.