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Returns & Refund Policy

Shipment checking:

We want our respected clients to know that once the shipment of your order from the native shipping service arrives at your location, please do give a must check to the shipment completely when you receive it. In cases, if there is any damage, non-compliance or any other issue, you must capture the images of the defected parts or the whole shipment and immediately inform the shipping service so that you can be eligible for return policy.  You’ll be eligible for the claim if you inform us within 5 working days.

Reimbursement policy:

In case of any damage to the shipment, you have requested either to order the boxes again or ask for the compensation of the damaged item. Our compensation time for the damage is usually 15 days which starts from the day you apply for the refunding policy and it is accepted.

Our reimbursement or compensation policy includes complete repainting and repairing of the damaged item but it doesn’t include paying back because reprinting is done for your complete satisfaction. Before finalizing the shipping every commodity is fully checked and approved by the quality control management team so that customers don’t find any chance to complain about anything. To claim for the return policy and file your application you need to reach out to your sales representative within three working days so that the return procedure can be started.  If you fail to comply with the policy and don’t contact your sales representative within three days, then the company isn’t liable to refund you and you need to make full payment for repainting. To start the procedure of return policy claims, you just need to show the images captured at the spot to your sales representative with three days and the failure to this can result in the cancellation of your recovery claim. In case of any type of fraudulent activity or scam observed from the customers’ side, the company has the authority to cancel your refund application and make the return policy for that particular claim void.

You need to follow these few conditions to make the return policy applicable for your claim:

  • Your particular ordered product is defected/ damaged/spoiled/ harmed at the time of arrival.
  • The ordered product doesn’t match your requirements and fails to satisfy the prerequisites mentioned and dictated before finalizing the order and the start of printing.
  • The colour, designs, prints, textures and artworks are not exactly what you want and aren’t suitable for your products.

Parcel delays:

The Packaging Base will not be accountable for any delay in delivery which occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Delays which you have to suffer because of shipping companies e.g. (FedEx or DHL) as they provide us with a calculated time estimation which can change due to some technical reasons or unfavourable weather changes.
  • Delays which occur due to weather conditions natural disasters. These events can slow down the supply and delivery process which results in unexpected delays in shipments and manufacturing procedures.
  • Delays which re caused due to custom and clearance department on airports because most of our items and goods are dispatched through air delivery/cargo and due to customs clearance there might be a change in mentioned delivery date and time.

Delays which happen due to the wrong or incomplete location and shipping details given by the customers or when they don’t respond and can’t receive the shipment on the confirmed and given shipping location.